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Bookmatching granite and marble

  When you see marble and granite slabs that have been placed together so that the surfaces mirror each other that is called bookmatching. The view looks a lot like an open book and is often stunning and unique. When the particular stone is cut and polished the natural lines are matched up to create […]

How to care for your stone surfaces

One of the biggest misconceptions about stone features in the home is that they require no maintenance. Stone upkeep and maintenance is extremely vital to the looks and preservation of these countertops, backsplashes, floors, and other items that bring a significant return on investment – when cared for.


For most homeowners, it is the interior décor that really creates the character of the house and the identity of its owners. This being the case, as a homeowner, you will seek to find the best materials for your interior decoration purposes. One of the choices that you will definitely look out for is slabs […]



Alleanza Quartz was developed by Italian engineers, using the most refined and highest grade quartz crystals, to meet our customer’s requirements for a safer, greener, and more sophisticated surface. European has an unparalleled commitment to quality, as well as a dedication to our clients demands, and we believe that Alleanza Quartz is the ultimate […]


Celebrate Boston Design Week

European invites you to see construction plans for its premier Boston location. Located in Norwood, this 90,000 sq ft stone gallery will become a state of the art slab viewing, and training facility. Founded in brooklyn, 28 years ago, European Granite and Marble brings the latest fashion trends from around the world to the […]