Bookmatching granite and marble


When you see marble and granite slabs that have been placed together so that the surfaces mirror each other that is called bookmatching. The view looks a lot like an open book and is often stunning and unique. When the particular stone is cut and polished the natural lines are matched up to create this effect.

If you think of a large stone slab being cut in slices, each slice has a different design of line work and pattern. Positioning the pattern so that it matches to make a perfect bookmatch does tend to leave a larger excess of material that was not able to be used in the actual match. That excess material can often be utilized in different areas of the home to carry the same stone theme from living space to living space. The main areas of your home where you would use this technique are in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.



Bookmatching slabs in a bathroom will greatly enhance the space, especially if it is small. The placement of the slab helps direct the focal point of the room giving it an artistic feel. It is commonly seen in a marble shower or surrounding a bathtub. The bathtub base is also a place to use the slabs making it the centerpiece. Some new interesting applications are to use bookmatching on the sink counter and the wall backsplash behind the sink as well as floors and even ceilings.




Using marble bookmatching to design a stunning headboard on the wall is another way to create a focal point in the bedroom. Hanging the marble so that the liner lines match behind the bed gives the appearance of a headboard and can run the length or height of the wall.



The countertops are most likely the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen. By bookmatching the countertops they will look longer and make the space appear larger. It is also possible to match the backsplash up the wall to bring the whole room together. Using the slab to design entire kitchen islands as well as cabinet fronts will also enhance your kitchen.


Other Applications

There are various other applications for bookmatching pieces.

  • Dining room tables
  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Coffee tables

Marble and granite are gaining popularity with designers and give homes a more elegant feel. There are various shades and colors of stone which keep each application fresh. You are able to find hundreds of pictures online and linked to social media sites of homeowner’s ideas for their new build or rebuild/remodel. Nature proves to be gorgeous when you see these amazing marble and granite slabs put together to create your own work of art in your home. The liner lines are a natural creation that enhances any space you put these in.