Alleanza Quartz was developed by Italian engineers, using the most refined and highest grade quartz crystals, to meet our customer’s requirements for a safer, greener, and more sophisticated surface. European has an unparalleled commitment to quality, as well as a dedication to our clients demands, and we believe that Alleanza Quartz is the ultimate expression and true alliance of the two.

A special thanks to the Designer and building Alliance of Long Island, NKBA Northern & Southern New England Chapters, and the IDS of Long Island for helping us host these events and showing how much we care about each and every one of you.

European invites you to see construction plans for its premier Boston location.

Located in Norwood, this 90,000 sq ft stone gallery will become a state of the art slab viewing, and training facility.

Founded in brooklyn, 28 years ago, European Granite and Marble brings the latest fashion trends from around the world to the Boston market. European has built its reputation on providing unparalleled quality products and superior service.

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