Welcome to the AQ Rewards Program for 2019

The possibilities and rewards are bigger when designing with Alleanza Quartz! Beginning in February 2019, you will get rewarded $50 for every slab of installed Alleanza Quartz that you sell.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: We will double your reward ($100 per slab) during the months of February through May 2019!

In addition, we have no minimum sq.ft. or membership level requirements for your payouts. Login and submit the entry form for each residential job where one (1) or more slabs of Alleanza is installed.


  • ELIGIBLE K&B RETAILERS ONLY– Rewards are only eligible to Kitchen and Bath retailers who are part of our Alliance. Fabricators and Distribution Centers with showrooms do not qualify for this program.
  • ELIGIBLE RESIDENTIAL JOBS ONLY– Only individual residences are eligible for K&B Rewards. Commercial projects including but not limited to restaurants, showrooms, multi-unit residential, offices, etc. are not eligible for K&B Rewards.
  • VALID ONLY FOR FABRICATED AND INSTALLED RESIDENTIAL JOBS– The payout is based on the amount of slabs purchased, fabricated and completely installed.
  • K&B FINAL INVOICE FROM FABRICATOR– Invoice serves as proof that Alleanza Quartz was sold and installed, as well as should list the total number of slabs used for the project.
  • FLOOR PLAN OF JOB– Floor plan should indicate where Alleanza Quartz was used, showing dimensions and total square footage.
  • W-9 FORM– A W-9 should be completed with all information and submitted only once. Rewards are paid to participating K&B retailers or their relevant employees. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the K&B or its employee. Rewards will be mailed to the address provided by the K&B retailer or its employee, per the W-9.

K&B rewards must be submitted within four (4) weeks of the fabricators final invoice date. Qualifying rewards will be paid out within eight  (8) weeks of the submission date (providing there are no errors in the submission form). Please double check your W-9 forms for accuracy, prior to submission.